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ASC Private Security in Los Angeles Has The Very Best Armed Guards

When you contract with ASC Private Security in Los Angeles, for your security needs, you’ll be getting guards who are certified, licensed, insured and many of them are former law enforcement officers or military veterans. In fact, all of them have experience in numerous degrees of security.

To make sure you have the highest quality security service for your needs, we provide supervisors who are on duty 24/7/365, and are in charge of maintaining the high professional standards and excellent customer service we have provided ourselves on from the very beginning.

Patrol Procedures

In virtually any security situation, efficient security patrols are extremely important to maintaining high levels of safety.  We train our guards to make highly visible foot patrols using undetermined patterns, making it virtually impossible for criminals to learn a regular schedule. Along with this, guards are trained to interact with people while patrolling on foot, enabling them to get to be closer to those who should not be on the premises. This makes it so ASC Private Security, will be better able to spot potential problems, enabling them to make the correct decisions regarding security procedures.

A Command of Respect

Each and every one of our guards always maintain a professional appearance. By having uniforms that are neat and pressed, along with polished shoes, neat haircuts, and an overall positive appearance, both our male and female guards command respect wherever they may be stationed.

The Importance of Armed Guards: Why You Need to Consider Hiring One

In today’s world, it’s common to hear about people getting robbed, mugged, and even worse. Many of these instances could have been prevented had the person been prepared with adequate security measures. For instance, if you’re having an event at your business or home, hiring armed guards can help deter criminals from attempting to steal from you or harm you in any way. Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring them now.

  • An armed guard can provide a sense of safety and security.
  • They can deter potential criminals from even attempting to break into your business or home. 
  • If a break-in does occur, an armed guard can help minimize the damage and loss by quickly apprehending the perpetrator. 
  • An armed guard can also act as the first line of defense in other potentially dangerous situations, such as an active shooter situation.
  • The presence of an armed guard can be a powerful deterrent for would-be attackers. 
  • Finally, in the unfortunate event that violence ensues and someone is injured or killed, an armed guard will have received comprehensive training on how to respond with their firearm to end the threat while preserving life.

Trusted Armed Security Services in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, armed security is an integral part of daily life that you don’t think about until you need it. Whether you have vital documents to protect or are worried about your personal safety, having reliable armed security services at your disposal can make the difference between feeling safe and secure and not having that peace of mind at all. At the trusted armed security services in Los Angeles, we pride ourselves on providing adequate protection for our clients so they can live their lives worry-free. When choosing an armed security service, it is essential to consider the company’s reputation, experience, and licensing. ASC Private Security Services has a solid reputation, extensive experience, and is a licensed for armed protection. If you’re looking for quality armed security services in LA, look no further than ASC Private Security Services.

Professional Appearance

ASC’s armed security guards hold their position with great responsibility. There is a general understanding that armed security guards is not techinically law enforcement or police officers, but they absolutely have the same roles, talents and duties in a different capacity. In fact, many of ASC’s armed secutiry guards are military veterans. Armed Security Guards are private security that are equipped to hold licensed firearms. Additionally, they are highly trained to act upon when necessary. Their experience with weapons and how to properly de-escalate situations will come in handy during any tense situation. To learn more, please contact us at 818-538-8802 and connect with our team!

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