a security guard checking the facilities

When it comes to protecting your business from security lapses, there are a number of areas that can be particularly vulnerable. In this blog post, we will explore some of the common areas that should be given extra attention and care when it comes to ensuring your company is adequately protected against security breaches.

Fragile Windows and Glass Partitions

Fragile windows and glass partitions are common areas of vulnerability. These components can be easily broken, allowing an intruder easy access to your premises. This type of security lapse should be addressed by installing shatterproof windows and glass partitions, as well as placing security cameras in view of these areas.

External Doors

External doors offer another potential area of concern when it comes to security lapses. It is important to ensure that all external doors are consistently locked and adequately secured with strong locks. Additionally, it is beneficial to install an access control system that limits access to certain areas of the building, and keeps track of who has access to what areas.

Overlooking the Need for Safety Guards

Safety guards are an important component of any security plan. They can help to deter potential intruders, as well as monitor and detect suspicious activities. It is essential that safety guards are adequately trained and provided with the necessary equipment required for their role, such as cameras, radios, flashlights, etc.

Personal Technology

Personal technology such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones can be a potential point of entry into your systems. To ensure that they are adequately secured, it is important to implement robust password protocols as well as accessing data over secure networks. Additionally, it is essential that personnel are properly trained when it comes to the use of personal technology for business purposes.

There are a number of common areas that are vulnerable to security lapses. It is essential that companies take all the necessary steps to protect their premises and personnel from potential intruders. By taking the time to review your current security measures, you can reduce the risk of a lapse in security and keep your business safe.