A Security Guard holding his walkie talkie radio

School security guards must uphold the peace and safety of their school environment, but what exactly do they do? In addition to watching over students’ behavior and making sure the premises are secure at all times, school security guards are responsible for conducting background checks, investigating safety concerns, and handling emergency situations when needed. Read on to learn about the full spectrum of responsibilities that school security guards have to fulfill.

Act as a Liaison Between Administration, Staff, and Students

School security guards are responsible for the safety of students and staff on campus. They oversee visitors to the school, maintain order in classrooms, monitor buses, and much more. School security guards also work with law enforcement to make sure that any threats or emergencies are handled quickly.

Observe Campus Conduct at All Times

One of the most critical responsibilities of a security guard is to be constantly vigilant. This includes being aware of any unusual activity and reporting anything suspicious or out of the ordinary. In addition, school security guards are responsible for enforcing all laws on the campus that they are assigned to protect. This includes monitoring student conduct both inside and outside the building. On top of this, a school security guard must also enforce all policies set by the administration.

Follow Specific Procedures for Different Emergency Situations

If there is an active shooter or a bomb threat, the security guard should follow the emergency procedure of their school. If a student is injured, the security guard should call emergency services and then make sure that no one else enters the room. If there are other injuries in the area, they can make sure that paramedics know to come to that specific location. Also, natural disasters like earthquakes could happen at any time, so it’s essential for the security guards to be aware of what those procedures are for their own schools as well. 

Gather Appropriate Information About an Incident

A school security guard has a lot on their plate when it comes to protecting students, teachers, and the school. They are responsible for gathering appropriate information about an incident before they call in the police or other authorities. The type of information they collect includes what happened, where it happened, who was involved, who was injured, and how badly they were hurt.

Follow Your State’s Reporting Requirements

In the state of California, school security guards are required to follow strict guidelines as outlined by the California Penal Code. These requirements include reporting any incidents that occur at a school or on public grounds within 1,000 feet of a school. For example, if they see a student with drugs or weapons on campus, they are required to report this information in accordance with the law. If a guard sees an incident and does not report it, they could be criminally charged for their failure to do so.

School security guards play a vital role in keeping students safe and upholding the peace on campus. If you’re looking for a company that takes its security responsibilities seriously, be sure to check out ASC Private Security’s services. We always put the safety of our clients first. We are the name to trust for any executive protection, armed guards, unarmed guard, loss prevention, special events security, and school security services.