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Businesses of all sizes need to ensure they are adequately protected from potential threats and risks. Security guards can provide several services, such as guarding access points, monitoring activities on the premises, providing protection services during events, and responding to emergency situations. In this blog post, we will look at the different types of security guard services businesses need.

Access Control Guard Services

One of the most common security guard services businesses need is access control guard services. Access control guards are responsible for monitoring and controlling who is allowed on the premises at any time. They can be used to restrict entry to certain areas or even monitor people’s movements within a building. Access control guards can also be used to deter potential criminal activity by providing a physical presence in strategic locations.

Patrol Security Guard Services

Another necessary type of security guard services businesses may need patrol security guard services. Patrol guards monitor and patrol the premises, watching for suspicious activity or threats. They often carry specialized equipment such as radios and flashlights to ensure they have the tools necessary to monitor their assigned areas effectively. Patrol guard services are a great way to ensure the safety and security of your business.

Uniformed Security Guard Services

Uniformed security guards provide additional protection and deterrence against potential threats. Uniformed guards are typically hired to monitor specific areas or events that require extra protection. The uniform serves as a visual reminder to would-be criminals that there is someone actively monitoring the premises or area, which can serve as a deterrent. Uniformed security guards can also be used as a point of contact for customers who may need assistance or have questions.

Event Security Guard Services

Businesses that host events are often in need of event security guard services. Event security guards are responsible for monitoring people entering and exiting the premises, keeping an eye out for potential threats, and responding to any emergencies that may arise. Event security guards are also trained to handle crowd control and help maintain order during a disturbance. They can patrol the premises and provide physical protection if needed.

Security Guards at ASC Private Security

At ASC Private Security, we provide all the security guard services businesses need to help keep their premises secure and protected. Our experienced and highly-trained guards can monitor access points, patrol the premises, handle crowd control, maintain order during events, and respond quickly to potential threats or emergencies. Contact us today to learn more about how our security guard services can help protect your business.